Back Injury in Switzerland – Part Three: Ayurvedic treatment –Dr. Yogeet Kapoor– English-speaking

(This is part of a 3-post series regarding a back and neck injury I had in Switzerland from 2014-2015. I have been asked by many people how I got “better” so quickly and miraculously. I hope my information is helpful.)

At the beginning of the process, I heard about an amazing Indian healer in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. I was cautious because I knew little to nothing of such things.

Dr. Yogeet Kapoor changed everything about this process for me.

He is a qualified doctor of Ayurveda and Naturopathy, and also a pharmacist. Yogeet sparingly recommends certain herbal supplements, one of which has been particularly helpful to me. He is the founder of L’essencce Holistic Center (, which I would happily scrub the floors of because that is how much goodness there is around true Ayuverda.

It is hard for me to describe what Yogeet does, but I can say this. Whatever Yogeet does, I walk out of his studio feeling stronger in body, spirit, and mind. There is no chanting. There are no cinnamon or lavender-flavored candles. There is also no painful pushing and pulling of the muscles or manipulation of the body that feels uncomfortable. None of that. Just healing.

I began my sessions with Yogeet shortly after I started Pilates (my physical therapy was going on, as well). My muscles were in severe pain because it was quite difficult to pull them from the “turtle” posture that had set in during the six months of immobility. I remember getting on the train (I travel 3 hours and 15 minutes one-way to see Yogeet) at the beginning and having to find a four-seat compartment. I had to stretch out because I was in so much pain.

Yogeet is a no-nonsense Indian healer. I’m not being hyperbolic. He is currently in India teaching and he teaches in Switzerland. Why? Because he knows what he’s doing. The other wonderful thing about Yogeet is that he firmly believes, ask him yourself, it’s not him. He thinks he is a vessel for healing.

And he is.

A normal session for me with Yogeet lasts around 90 minutes. He uses a hot oil concoction from Indian and this is incorporated into the muscles via a large pouch that is filled with rice. When Yogeet realized my muscles were not getting stronger, he moved into this method, having tried treatments without the rice pouch first.

I wasn’t the first one to notice the difference in my muscles after he found the perfect treatment for me. Caroline was and then Lorraine noticed. I went to Yogeet two weeks after this treatment and he said, “Yes, I know.” That’s all.

And, “all” this is being done naturally, instead of with a pill or surgery.

Yogeet’s clients run the gamut: normal folks, couples wishing for parenthood, people needing a body/mind detox, females going through hormonal changes, people who are battling addictions, folks with injuries. If there is something broken or left wanting and waiting in you? Yogeet will help you to find your solution.

Fear and Yogeet’s opinion on it

Since Monday around 10:30AM, I have been riddled with fear. Something bad happened to me on Monday morning and fear took over. Those of you who’ve seen me since then (minus Liv, who saw me ugly cry after it happened) will be surprised it’s so bad. I’ve been my “normal” smiling, perky self.

Today, my schedule cleared up and I knew it. I must get to Yogeet (referred to as my “Indian healer” on this blog and my FB page). But there was serious fear because of what happened Monday. I won’t say how, but I got to Yogeet this morning.

What I happened at Yogeet’s changed me forever. There will be upcoming days and nights when I feel anxiety, but I do not think I will feel fear again.

After about an hour, I told Yogeet a Jewish story I’d heard about Death. A man lives in a village and hears Death is coming. He’s scared, so he leaves his home and goes to another village to avoid Death. He gets to the new place, there’s a knock on the door, and it’s Death. “Wasn’t looking for the place, I was looking for the person. It’s your turn, buddy.”

Yogeet listened. Then, he said, “I have a similar story.”

Shiva is a popular god in Hinduism. He is usually adorned with serpents and wears nothing except a cloth of tiger fur covering his “his”dom. The rather disturbing planet of justice, Saturn, was apparently headed for Shiva one day. Most people are afraid of Saturn’s justice and so was Shiva. In fact, Shiva was scared shiv-less, so he decided to go into the river. He created a shield for himself and stayed in the river for 7 ½ years, to avoid being touched by Saturn’s version of justice. After 7 ½ years, Shiva emerges from the river and confronts Saturn. “I did it. You didn’t get me.” Saturn’s response, “You kept yourself from your home, your life, and your entire world based on your fear of justice. Who won? Me or You?”

Okay, I’m paraphrasing Yogeet’s words (which I also might have baffled) and I am certainly far from the “proper” telling of this. I don’t think they refer to Shiva’s “his”dom, for example.

But this story changed me. It is one thing to feel anxious and nervous. It is another thing entirely to be so afraid that you live a life dominated by your fear of anyone, anything, or any possibility.

That is not a life.

I will try to write more about this later because I truly was changed today. But, what I can say is that I am on the train headed HOME. To my home. And on Sunday, my knees will bend and I will pray my weekly prayer AT MY CHURCH. My church. As I do every Sunday, I will repeat the same prayer, “Thank you for giving me strong legs, a strong spirit, and a strong heart.”