The Day Before You Were Born

I wrote this the night of September 5, 2016. I was too afraid to publish it, but I’m not afraid anymore.


My son. You have been named for your uncle and the Henry family. You are God’s child and will be mine because He gave you to me.

“They” made this day before you were born a difficult rollercoaster for me and your grandparents. But, we know the end of the ride will be worth it…you will be with us.

And, the Ayres/Vaughan family will be stronger than ever.

You are loved. So many people all over this world are waiting for you to be born. Children in the US will go to sleep tonight and be excited to wake up and see you tomorrow morning.

You are loved.

You are wanted. There will be people in this world, even people you want to want you, who do not want you. That is okay, Henry. I am the luckiest woman in the world right now as you kick my belly. I want you with every cell in my body.

You are wanted.

You are blessed. So many times in the past 9 months, people have prayed for you. You have been covered in God’s love from the first week I knew you were in there! God is blessing you, even now.

You are blessed.

You are protected. God will protect you. Lindy and Pop Pop will protect you. And, Henry…your mom will protect you. You are an innocent, beautiful boy.

And, you are protected.

No matter what or who comes at us, we will be okay.

Written for you in our little apartment in Länggasse, Bern on the day before you were born and made me…a Mommy.

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