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I started this website because I thought it was an easy platform to answer questions about my book and my performances. It turned into much more. The reaction to Before You truly amazed (and continues to amaze) me.

Re: the 2nd book (sorry, it was in fact due in October of 2014). I’ve written FIVE 2nd books. I know the title is “With and Without You” because I know that moving forward, Emily is without Daniel. That is clear. What happened to her after? I don’t know. I won’t know and I won’t be able to write about it for some time.

I hope all of you that signed up because you loved the book, the book’s soundtrack (please follow Jackson Henry on Twitter, his website, etc. because he is a true artist), and everything having to do with my beloved book, Before You, will continue to follow me.

I won’t write about the book for about a year. The next year of my life needs to be devoted to reading and writing a…thesis about something you’ll read on either Monday or Tuesday after this post.

The interactions I’ve had with people all over the globe have astonished me. I truly am a girl from Texas that does not understand why my mom read the book, much less all of you. Thank you from the bottom of my boot. 😉

Moving forward. I need to be real. I’ve always been real with you guys and gals. You know lots! I was beaten, I got up, I was a bit down again, and again, but I got up again because of this. It’s just me, but it always helps to know there is someone with you in the dark.

I’ll work on the next book from time to time. For now, they have me on a “hold” and that’s just, sorry, so very necessary.

Maybe Fall of 2016 will see Emily happy again? Maybe, prepare yourselves…she’s alone. And okay with that. Maybe she’s too busy saving the world to worry about a silly thing like romance. Romance didn’t work for Emily, as you all know. Maybe she throws herself into her job. Just think about how cool that might be?

Stay tuned. I’m so sorry if I’ve disappointed any of you. I promise, Emily’s next chapters will be even better than the first. 😉 Maybe no Daniel, but you never know who’s she’s met lately? A very handsome guy a mere two days ago, by the way…


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