guest blogger: Stephanie Rodousakis – Stephanie’s love letter to Sophia Mina

I am honored to feature my friend Stephanie’s blog post. Many of my own followers on social media have prayed for Stephanie, her husband Michael, and their baby girl. Many of you all shed a tear when Sophia Mina was taken from this world. Stephanie has generously allowed me to highlight her thoughts and we are both hoping they will help all of us understand the grief process a little bit better.

On a personal note, I am so proud of the woman, wife, and mother you are, my friend. Thank you for sharing this with my community.

I give you Stephanie’s thoughts and her website (…


As I reflect on the last 9 months, I think about the victories and the defeats, the smiles and the tears, the anxiety and the relief. So many emotions that filled not only me, but everyone who somehow is a part of our lives. Whether you are an old friend, someone we just met, or someone we have never spoken to before, this little miracle baby brought together the world.

I cry thinking about the love that we have been given, the sympathy, the support and well wishes. I cry thinking about all the friends trying to help raise money to find out WHY Sophia died.

I cry knowing that my dear friends at Carnegie Hall, Jill, Jenny, Mike and my stagehand buddies who I adore, Scooter, Leszek, Zara – who I have never met but is amazing, people who have touched my heart even before Sophia, are raising money to plant trees in her name, so that we can honor her in our 3 home towns. Washington DC, NYC and Seattle.

I cry thinking about my old friend from undergrad, Keoni Hudoba, who has been through hell and back himself, giving his time, his talent, his love, to set up a fundraiser “Cycle for Sophia” in NYC this February. I cry thinking about my amazing friends at Dicapo Opera Theatre, who have shown extreme generosity by organizing their own donation site and raised such an amazing amount for Sophia’s Fund. I cry because Sophia, my daughter, did this. This little miracle is just a small gem that is changing the world, changing people and their perspectives on life. Michael and I are amazed by how quickly people have rallied around Sophia and around us and I smile. I spoke with Children’s Hospital today. We talked about Sophia’s Fund and how we might want to start a guild in Sophia’s name, how we may want to create an annual event to raise money for Hepatic Failure in Newborns. I love this idea and I hope we can do that. One day, October 5th. Sophia’s Birthday.

I spoke with and texted with many of you today. I got messages from so many of you today. Thank you so much for being here for us.

I sleep with a picture of Sophia in my arms every night. I take this picture with me to all the rooms I go to. I speak to this picture every night before I go to bed. It is insane how much I miss this beautiful little girl. What a courageous baby. I wonder what she is doing, what she is seeing, what she is learning. More than I probably ever could. How I wish so badly to hold her again.

Eonia i mnimi. Memory Eternal.

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