Huffington Post, Amazon, & Lou Reed were showing me the love this morning

Lou Reed died, which saddens me.

Sure, we all die and he would certainly relish the fact that one of my favorite quote from him was, “It sucks to still be alive when all your albums are out of print.” Okay, it’s a rough paraphrase of his quote, but you get the idea. He was a genius and I feel bummed his “walk on the wild side” here is over.

I went on Huffington Post to read about his death because I was interested to see how his buddies responded. I read the article, it’s pretty good. NY times obit was included.

As I scrolled up to find the link to re-post, I was shocked to look to the right and see a book advertisement from HuffPost!

I was shocked for two reasons. Clearly you are a super fan when you read the man’s article BEFORE noticing your own book being advertised next to it.

Second reason for shock…I’m fairly convinced this is a sign. A sign of superior marketing by amazon and Huffington Post? Get real.  Obviously, Lou Reed secretly loved me (and heroin, but not recently) and he’s gonna keep an eye out for me. “What are the signs trying to say?” I think we can all agree this one is clear: Lou Reed + Laura Anne Ayres = together forever. I got ya, Lou. Wish I’d know.

Seriously, shout outs to both Huffington Post and amazon for promoting totally unknown authors their works in addition to the big guns. Bravo to Vook for doing a great job with distribution, as well.

@BeforeYouBook—follow it. Good stuff there. Like this photo.

RIP Lou and call me on the pigphone (my version of the batphone).

Laura Anne, writing from Babus in Zürich

4 thoughts on “Huffington Post, Amazon, & Lou Reed were showing me the love this morning

  1. WOW! Lou would be proud of you. Yeah, I miss him too. I had to play “Walk on the Wild Side” several times to make things all better, sort of. I’m forwarding this to a select group who would have loved Lou Reed. Cheers! Billye

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