How, what, WHAT? The book and her truth.

Hello readers and fans of “Before You” and soon-to-be fans of “Before You: the Songs,”

In December of 2010, I had a rather unfortunate beginning to my holiday season. I was alone, really alone. I’d been screamed at in public (a Starbucks, for pity’s sake) by the man I loved and I was feeling rather sorry for myself. Looking back on it, the only part I truly disagree with was the venue.

I was pretty darn needy. Still am, but now I know to whom I can show that vulnerability. Important lesson I learned during that time.

(But, seriously. A Starbucks? LA loved her non-fat, decaf Latte until that day.)

In all seriousness, those holidays were the worst I’ve ever had except for one thing. My precious friend generously offered his beautiful flat in Luzern to me for three weeks, while he was away. He saved my sanity. Never underestimate what an open door can do.

The first days were tough. Everyone was happy because it was Christmas. Oh joy –  no word from my manchild, my family was a billion miles away, and I was alone.

After the third day and third box of wine, I knew I needed to do something. Perhaps it was the stupor that made me think running and writing would be a great combo. I don’t know.

I do know, on day four, I began running like freaking Forrest Gump meets Phoebe from Friends and writing like Hemingway meets some real housewife writing memoirs.

Yes, that’s how all this book began. I decided to run, write a story that was fiction with certain elements of truth, and continue drinking (I decided to run and write, NOT forsake all that is holy).

I wrote “Before You” in three weeks. By the time my friend returned, I’d finished the book. It has changed a bit, especially in the past six months, but the house’s foundation was laid with bad wine, tears, and aching muscles in my buddy’s apartment in my beloved Luzern.

Lots of people, some I don’t know, are writing asking the dreaded questions:  what is truth? what is fiction? and what is somewhere in the middle? I just got a FB post from my sweet friend, Greg, asking me, while I’m writing this! Love my Greg!! I crafted the disclaimer very carefully, not to protect myself. I was an opera singer and I’m somewhat used to being looked at and held in someone else’s judgement. I need to protect the people I love, who are not used to that.

Figuring out what is true or not true in this book is, as Emily’s Pop says, “like putting socks on a rooster.” You can do it, buy do you want to? 😉

For those of you, like Brother (see attached picture proving that socks can and possibly should be put on animals), who must know what a pet looks like with adult footwear, I’ll give you one freebie: Luzern is the most beautiful place on Earth.

And it’s real.


Back Camera

Model: Bonnie “Bon Ton Ton” Ayres

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