Back Injury in Switzerland – Part One: Physical Therapist – Caroline Wolfsberger – English-speaking

(This is part of a 3-post series regarding a back and neck injury I had in Switzerland from 2014-2015. I have been asked by many people how I got “better” so quickly and miraculously. I hope my information is helpful.)

It was crucial in the early days to locate a good physical therapist, which is referred to as “physio” here. I found Caroline Wolfsberger by happenstance ( She is the first part of the Trinity that I believe saved me from a wheelchair.

From our first meeting, I knew she was committed to getting me to a place of wellness. I remember very clearly she kept using the word “we.” She never said “you” when she spoke of what needed to be done for me in the upcoming months. This was a key part of what allowed me to have hope.

Caroline is not an “average” physical therapist. Naturally, her primary focus involves therapeutic strengthening of the muscles and joints; however, she utilizes not only traditional Western methods (ie: what we imagine when we say “physical therapy”), but also alternative practices like cupping, pressure points, etc. Early on, Caroline used kinesiologic tape placed on my back in the shape of an “X” to pull my shoulders back.

In her words, “the treatment I am specialized in is Brügger-Therapie. He was a Swiss doctor, a genius actually! And I combine this with lots of other treatments: osteopathy, manual therapy, fascia technic, etc.” Caroline studied motivational psychology and focuses on treating the person – not only the body. “I am helping the people to help themselves by improving their Körpergefühl,” she adds. As she notes, there is no translation for this word. It’s more than a physical feeling; it’s a body-mind-spirit feeling.

As you have read, she is unique. She is at the top of her field professionally. She is the only physical therapist in this country I would trust.

I have already recommended her to many people with my strongest possible praise.