SWISS Snow, P!nk doesn’t hate on other women!, and more Snow

This blog is a bit random, I’m giving you fair warning.

I woke up to Swiss snow. Is the country-code necessary? Yes. Why? Because everything is better in Switzerland. You think you’ve seen snow? You haven’t. Come here when a landscape that is so majestic, so picturesque, so heart-breakingly glorious is bedecked in white.

Then, you’ve seen Swiss snow.

*   *   *   *

Last night, one of my favorite gals in IN (expat group here that I run with my buddy Bubs) told me, “LA, they’re not after you and Chris, they are only after you.” Question: why women gotta hate on other women? Shortly after informing me not to wear a white toga and walk alone on the Ides of March, my gal pal pondered this idea, “Men attack women and women attack other women.” What’s wrong with that equation? Men are being supported by other men and other women. That’s great.

WHO’S PROTECTING THE WOMEN? The two best friends of Emily in “Before You” are based on two of my best friends here. When I was encouraged to cut one of them by an early editor, I cut someone all right…the freaking editor. Are you kidding me?

I like women. I don’t see them as competition. I’m more guyish in a lot of ways and perhaps that is another one. I LOVE my girlfriends, including the ones I’ve yet to meet. I’m serious and I’m not going to put a stupid little tag on that because I couldn’t care less if the women is red, purple, hetero, homo, transgendered, questioning, certain, uncertain, unstable or what. I do care if she’s wealthy or struggling because I want to make sure both women know their concerns are shared. I also care if she’s happy or sad. I care about that very deeply.

P!nk should be our role model. She chooses her girlfriends over dudes, promotes being a good girlfriend over being popular, and she’s strong & smart. Ever listened to “F-in Perfect” ( Women, stop hating on other women. Especially when the other women might be doing something you wish you were doing. Best thing to do in that situation? ASK IF YOU CAN JOIN. Duh. Envy is so stupid and it is hard to find the perfect shade of green.

*   *   *   *

Now, back to one of my favorite things about living here: snow.

I have never met anyone who welcomes the first snowfall more than I do. I welcome it in spite of the fact that I know it takes a lot of my weekend activities with my buddies off the table (not so much the skier am I). Oddly enough, I welcome it more because I know they are all (well, one of “them” in particular) so thrilled to see snow.

Snow blankets everything in a new start. It puts to sleep things that need a rest.

Ah snow. Cover this girl up for awhile.