Obama pulls immigration “Out of the Shadows”

It is 2:17 in the morning on November 21st and the words are spinning.

“These people did not come here in search of a free ride. They came to contribute to America’s success.”

He is right.

Obama said it, they fight “anxiety” “fear” “heartbreak” – to stay in the United States. They live day-to-day actually hoping to remain unseen – to stay in the United States.

So, their desire to be amongst us is so deeply a part of who “these people are” that they will fight daily anxiety, fear, heartbreak, desperation, separation from loved ones and a myriad of other struggles with one goal in mind – to stay in the United States?

I’m sorry, doesn’t that sound like the fierce patriotism that “we” want?

Obama said, “Their hopes, dreams, and patriotism are just like ours.” I think some of these men, women, and children treasure their unseen patriotism more than most, don’t you think?

“I want to pay taxes to support this great country, but I cannot.” Isn’t this the kind of patriot we want?

Now, imagine being a decent, hard-working person (most of the undocumented people in the United States would fit under this umbrella, by the way) and living a life in the shadows where your daily goal is to remain unseen. It’s not ideal for many reasons, but the worst reason is: bad things can happen to a person that is unseen, as President Obama eluded to. When we do not “see” them, we do not know what exactly is happening to them (or their children). This is when serious injustice and inhumane treatment can happen to a person. On our watch.

I think President Obama said “it goes against our character to deport people like this.” What a bold statement and what truth lies within those words.

I’m proud of President Obama and the men and women who helped him announce this plan.

I’m proud to know there is a plan, at long last, that will help “these people.”

I pray the men and women who are charged with fulfilling these promises will be kind in their approach and void of malice, racism, or hatred.

I thank God for all the men, women, and children who were “seen” for the first time tonight.





Obamacare – well played, Mr. President indirect BRAVERY PROJECT

I almost fell out of love with someone very important to me a few years ago. I really struggled because I gave him so much of my time and attention at the beginning. I even wore T-shirts that had his name on them, put up signs promoting him, and sang at fundraisers. I did everything in my power to make sure everyone else knew how amazing he was. I put years into it.

I’m talking about Barack. Hey, I didn’t say this guy actually knew me. Just that he was important to me. And he still is. Keep reading.

Luckily, I never came close to falling out of love with Michelle. She should be called the First Badass. She is exactly what I would want my little girl (Suzanna Christine – that name is under trademark) to be like.

Anyway, I was starting to fall out of love with her husband. A lack of affordable healthcare, to me, is as much of a human rights violation as Gitmo (also a horrific human rights violation, in my opinion). I was getting frustrated with the promises to deliver on the work earnestly started by the late Senator Kennedy and current next-President of the United States Hillary Clinton (readyforhillary.com GIVE MONEY). Hell’s bells, get it done! It’s the 21st century for pity’s sake. There is a solution for almost every problem. It is inhumane not to help sick people. Full stop.

FINALLY, Obamacare launched and I was thrilled (and back in love). I became more giddy every time I heard about a stupid ACA attack ad in a red state or a website glitch or one of Congress’ attempts to thwart the good work.

Because there is goodness at the heart of this work and I just knew it would work. Haters gotta hate and they usually have a swift kick in the butt at the end of the day, delivered by Auntie Kharma.

The long-term success of Obamacare is not clear. But, I think Obama and Uncle Joe’s press conference let us know: this is working.

Over 7 million people have health coverage. Hell, there is an entire FB page devoted to ACA success stories. That’s enough to be considered a triumph. There will be more problems and it will not be a success story for everyone. Imagine the odds of everyone not being pleased in a country whose population sports a net gain of one person every 15 seconds…I’m #shocked.

No matter what color you are (red or blue) we can all agree it is a good thing when a sick person is given medical attention. 7 million folks now have that option.

God bless the hard work of all of the people who brought this together. And god bless the United States of America.

Well played, Mr. President. This should be a part of my BRAVERY PROJECT.