Check it out: my fun Friday night with the fabulous Rachel Maddow team

Always loved the show and now I have an even deeper admiration and appreciation of the team of amazing guys and gals that make this show happen.

Before having “met,” I’d only listened. Even by ear, I could hear how committed to truth, authenticity, and compassion Rachel Maddow is. There are few voices in 2014 that can deliver the news with humor that doesn’t lose message or seek to injure, but she does so beautifully.

We are lucky to have this show and the people who work hard to bring it to us. Here’s a link to the podcast. It’s available in video or audio.

It was a fun and fantastic experience that I enjoyed very much! Thanks to all y’all who are writing/Twitter-tweetering/FB messaging me. I really appeciate all your fun comments! #itsallaboutthealphorn