Today, I attended the funeral for Mr. Smith, Lawa’s dad.

There are many reasons she is one of your godmothers. She is smart. She is kind. She is stunningly beautiful – inside and outside. She is hysterical. She is talented. She is devoted. My God, she is devoted.

To her family, to all her “roles” – wife, mother, aunt, godmother, sister, friend, colleague, in-law, parishioner, and daughter.

I’ve seen her overcome a great many battles, in the decades we’ve been known as “Laura” and “The Other Laura.” (BTW – Mommy is the “Other Laura.”) Smith was almost killed on a highway, in an accident that wreaked havoc on her physically, emotionally, mentally. She never wanted anything more than she wanted to be married and that was a long journey (God was saving ChuWa for her, but we didn’t know). Thank God M&M are happy, healthy boys; but, their arrival was tough – they were very little, Bärli. It was scary. Her mom was also in a horrible accident, there have been other scares for their family. We were both in a career field that is tough, too. Not easy.

Through it all, she has remained such a dependable, loyal, amazing [insert title here]. Since the first time I met her, on the streets of Canterbury, I have always been amazed by her.

But, never more so than today.

At her father’s memorial service, she was elegant, poised, and beautiful. Music means a great deal to her parents, they love her voice (as do all those who are lucky enough to hear her). Her father’s “favorite Laura” song was “O Holy Night.” It is the rare individual who can truly sing that song beautifully and the fact that she 1) sang it beautifully, 2) at her father’s memorial service…Mommy had to scream “Brava” and clap. EVERYONE clapped. But, I’m sure no one clapped longer or louder than Lacie Smith.

I’ll tell you, that wasn’t even it. The musical tracks for the hymns were, uh, challenging. So, Lawa simply stepped up. To make sure the music was what her Daddy deserved, she stepped up and CONDUCTED THE ROOM. I have never heard a more beautiful “It is Well With My Soul” in my life. After the second hymn, I told the man sitting next to me (I don’t think he heard me, but that’s okay), “that’s my son’s godmother right there.” I was in awe of her, as always. But, again, no one was prouder than Lacie Smith, I’m sure.

She is a true tribute to what it means to push through pain, hurt, disappointment, sadness, frustration, unfairness, or any other thing that this world might give you…to push through it and still give the world your beautiful gifts, anyway.

Look to your godmother Lawa when you need that reminder, son.

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