I Did Not Make a Huge Mistake

For now, I have decided not to do the interview requested of me by a reputable reporter in Switzerland, who was to come to Dallas today. I remain appreciative of his diligence and grateful for the professional courtesy shown to both Henry and me since the press found out about Henry. However, the following is all the information I need to give (at this time).

My objective today is to publicly correct two wrongs – one done to my son and the other done to the people who protected (and still do) my son. All of the following can be substantiated by various communications from 2016 to the present.

In the fall of 2015, I started on the path to secure a meaningful life in Switzerland, my beloved and chosen home. I had some good friends, including Christophe, and I was on my way to graduating with a respectable degree in international law and economics. I hoped to spend the rest of my life in the country I loved while helping to make a real difference at the WTO in Geneva.

Everything stopped for me in January of 2016 when I realized I was pregnant. Let me be crystal clear: the best decision I ever made was having my son. Now, I will try to correct two grave wrongs, which have bothered me for months (in addition to a great many other atrocities).


My son is not a mistake. My son is a gift to all who are blessed to know him. He is strong, already has a kind heart, and possesses a smile that brings joy to everyone upon whom his light shines. He is not anyone’s “schweren Fehler.” Any lawyer somewhat adept at public relations should have pointed out how vile and disgusting such a statement was. In my opinion, it was also patently false. There were (and are still) many mistakes made by his father, but Henry was not (and is not) one of them.


Because a “version” of our story was purposely told to the press mere days after Henry’s birth, my son and I were consequently quite vulnerable. The staff, doctors, and Hebamme of Salem Spital went above and beyond the standard expectations for people in their positions to allow my son and I to be protected during a challenging time. Careful consideration was shown to every possible need and security precautions were put into place to safeguard Henry, my parents, and me. Salem Spital should be commended for the exemplary service and care they provide their patients and guests. Commended – not falsely blamed and treated with disrespect. I will no longer tolerate anyone condemning or  accusing Salem Spital of impropriety in any way.

Similarly disrespected during this time were my OB/GYN and my lawyer, Anna Murphy. Ms. Murphy fairly and fiercely fights for my son. My concerns, as they should be, are secondary to what she believes is right for my son and in full accordance with Swiss law and KESB protocol. She is an excellent lawyer, who was undeserving of the disrespect she received from the two people who should have been grateful for her protection of this child. My OB/GYN was the greatest blessing to come into our lives in Bern. Her discretion, professionalism, and personal encouragement helped me navigate my way through a very challenging time. She, too, is undeserving of any disrespect and derision from, again, two people that should be a) grateful and b) understanding, being parents themselves.

On a personal note, as a foreigner, I was very grateful for the kindness and support shown to me in the last few weeks of my pregnancy by the authorities in the Zivilstand in the Bern Cantonal offices and the people I spoke with at the KESB. These representatives, of their respective agencies, certainly demonstrate what is “right” with the system in Switzerland. I will never forget the employee who came to my home on her way to work to retrieve necessary papers because I was simply unable to walk due to sciatica. Anyone claiming Swiss people are cold or unfriendly, tell him/her to contact me. I have evidence the exact opposite is true of a great many Swiss people.

When a baby is unexpected, women have an advantage in only two ways. We have the ultimate choice on whether or not to have the baby and we have the immediate bond because the baby is a part of us. It was my experience, during the past year and 5 months, both of these advantages can be cause for tremendous conflict between a man and a woman. Punishing me for having these advantages is one thing – punishing a child is another.

My son, in addition to the other articles with that horrible headline, I’ll make sure you read this someday and I hope it eases the pain of what he said and did. We, you and I, both know who and what you really are – a miracle. 

4 thoughts on “I Did Not Make a Huge Mistake

  1. Laura Anne… you are an amazing mom! Henry is a precious bundle of sweetness and charm. Regardless of how he came into the world, it’s going to be a better place because he’s here.

  2. I am appalled that any human life would be considered an error and that press would refer to a baby as such. Certainly your sweet baby is a gift, albeit an unexpected one. It is a shame that those who would think otherwise fail to see that this gift can be such for them also. I am so glad that you have been surrounded by fierce protectors and know that you will continue to be the strong, loving mother that you are.

  3. As a child, I was taught God doesn’t know how to make mistakes, only blessings! Dios no sabe como hacer errores namas bendiciones and that little man of yours is just that ~ one amazing love filled blessing, who has captured the hearts of all! Continued love and hugs ~ you are so amazing Laura ♥️🙌🏻

  4. Being with you on that night when we first realised that you were pregnant with Henry will be a night I will never forget. Having watched you struggle and triumph throughout your pregnancy will be etched forever into my soul. You are such a strong woman who chooses to accept responsibility for her actions. You stepped up to the plate where others decided to fade into the side lines. It is an absolute pleasure to be Henry’s Godmother!

    For those who deemed Henry to be a “mistake”, you have never met this little boy. A little boy that can light up the darkest of days. You have never held this little boy when he has smiled his sweet smile or helped change his nappy/diaper or gave him his bottles or sang him to sleep. Who are you to cast aspersions on a single mother who choose to accept her responsibilities while you decided to hide behind your name and claim no responsibilities? Shame on you.

    To Henry, you will never be a mistake to those who love you. You are a miracle and don’t ever doubt that. I am forever thankful that you came into this world. We love you so much. The man that you will become is an adventure that I cannot wait to experience with you. This is a journey of a lifetime, one with many bumps in the road but those are building blocks for a wonderful future. Love Godmum. xoxo

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