I’m Back

My blog is public again. We are in the United States in the early days of 2017. There is too much to say. During the first few weeks of CH’s life, I forgot a simple truth – no one should silence another person.

Around 35 minutes after my son was born, his Hebamme (midwife) looked at him and said, in perfect English, “How could anyone not love this child?”

Nicole’s apt observation of my Bärli has proven true. He is surrounded by love. Love that is unconditional, unyielding, and omnipresent for him.

Just what he deserves.

Just what every child deserves.

I will not publish his face on this website and I do not want his face in the public domain. He is not a person of public interest. He is a baby.

And, I’m his Momma Bear. I’ll protect him as long as I draw breath. That includes speaking out against injustice which may, or may not, have an impact on him. Injustice that affects any child affects my child.

I’m back.


When my child was born, he was cared for by the Hebammes, doctors, and staff at Salem-Spital in Bern. He was brought into this world, held, cuddled, weighed, monitored, shielded, and protected in a way that every child deserves. I have continued the excellent childcare modeled to me by the women and men at Salem-Spital.

Gott segne Sie. Wir werden sie niemals vergessen.

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