Out of the hospital – Regarding Henry

Gonna keep this brief.

Christopher Henry is a champ. For the past week (which was not fun), I have been saying, “I don’t care about my monitor, I just want to make sure he’s okay in there.” Everyone says the same thing –  “It’s not him, he’s great.”

He’s about 4.8lbs, major organs are all looking great, vital signs are great, kicking like my belly is his own soccer field. He really is “great.” My unexpected miracle of a baby.

Henry is God’s child. I am only entrusted / miraculously given this chance to be his earthly mother. God is in charge. I can only do my best, and my doctors are helping me make my best a bit better. My couch will be my best friend (again) for the next who-knows-how-long and I don’t care. I’ll do anything.

Little CH and I are in such an ideal “medical situation” right now. We both have medicine (literally at my fingertips), grocery deliveries, plenty of clean water for drinking and baths, iTunes, cool breezes & beautiful views through my windows, a family all over the globe sending love and prayers. 99% of women around the globe cannot say most, some, or any of those things.

I thank God for it all. All of it. Even the terror I felt last Wednesday when I heard a nurse say the Swiss equivalent of “uh oh, this is not good.”

Keep your prayers coming. Though he is a very active little guy already, he still needs to stay where he is. It’s just a bit early.

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