“Have you had work done?”

Upon my arrival into Zürich’s main train station, I ran into one of about 18,000 of my “friends” here in this city. Couldn’t remember her name, but recall she does like the parties Bubs and I throw.

She said, “LA, you look good. Very good. Did you do some work?” and proceeded to gesticulate in the facial area.

I laughed and said “no.” Liv said later, “It was definitely a compliment.”

After the past few months, I think it is safe to say, I had the complete opposite of “work done.”

But, one very important thing happened to me while I was away. It wasn’t permission from anyone or the emergence of a new person in my life or any one Cooper or Wyatt or Angel or Giovanni hug.

There was this morning on May 22nd when I woke up. The stress and crippling anxiety that had broken my back and neck felt dissipated, in some way. The terror to open my emails – gone. The fear to put a foot on the floor and start my day – gone. The hopeless feeling – gone.

The emergence of a future, of possibility – present.

It’s a lesson to any of you reading this. What keeps you from bolting out of bed? What stops you from embracing some dream you want and letting the HELL go of things that are weighing you down? Why? Why wait?

What are you waiting FOR?

The “did you have work done” comment is only a point. As I told two of my dearest friends here, both of whom can’t quite put their fingers on why I look different, “I look like myself.” I look like I used to. See the girl below? That’s me.

No work done. No miracle cure.

Just happy.scan0004

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