3 blog posts on my back and neck injury

Fair warning, I am publishing 3 blog posts back-to-back tomorrow regarding my back and neck injury and ultimate recovery. These post have been designed to disseminate information to expats suffering from such circumstances in the DACH. I hope they will be helpful sources because it was quite difficult for me to find “good” help. Please, feel free to skip them when they land in your inbox. They are, as always, entertaining in their self-depricatory elements. 😉

One person I will not be writing an article about, but who was very helpful to me, was the specialist who diagnosed what what happening to me: Dr. Norbert Boos. He comfortably speaks in English and is a very “no nonsense,” conservative doctor. I found him to be very helpful. However, seeing him was difficult and I think the lapse in time (I could not see him for 6 weeks during which time I was immobilized on a couch) made my injuries and recovery time far worse. Just something to keep in mind.

Happy Wednesday to all of my readers.

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