BRAVERY PROJECT: Guest Blogger: Mary K. Stone – “I wasn’t sure I was ready”

This is what I am saying, people. God willing, we do not fight World Wars anymore. We fight “little” battles everyday and Mary fought one. She was afraid to “put herself out there.” Haven’t we all been? Look what she did this time! (I say “this time” because the woman is a nurse. She has more bravery in her pinky fingerNAIL than most of us have in our entire bodies.)

Mary is a talented writer I met via Twitter. Here is her most recent act of bravery. Follow her, please, @WriterMKStone and her blog: . She’s a nurse. A wife. A mom. Trying to really make a difference. Bravo, Mary!


My brave act this past week was putting myself out there and joining the social media world. I launched my website, blog and Twitter account. Just a few months ago–as an unpublished author–I wasn’t sure I was ready to take those steps. I’m fortunate that my friends, family, and writing community have been supportive. But announcing something I’m still aspiring to be to everyone in cyberspace? Yes, definitely scary! In such a short time it has been incredibly rewarding and I feel like I am now part of a global writing community. In fact, putting myself out there is how I connected with you and made it to your wonderful blog!

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